Saturday, December 10, 2011

Road Trip Photos from France

France has nearly everything: beaches, mountains, farms, culture-rich cities, caves and so on.  There were a number of times last month that I wished I could have stuck my camera out the window while driving through.  The five plus hour drive from North Holland through the North of France can go from boring to bodacious in the space of one kilometer.  Below are a few sights that I was able to shoot while I wasn't behind the wheel. 

Lots of color at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris

Summer in November at Jardin du Luxembourg

Entering Notre Dame Paris

Inside Notre Dame

Very inviting restaurant entry at St. Michel

We joked about specialty stores in Paris.  Here's an umbrella and cane store.

Near Jardin du Luxembourg

Night fog at Place St. Michel

St. Michel

Vélib' bikes outside the café

Red Cross volunteers checking on poor street artists

Old country house at Verberie

Sun room on back of country house

Rouen, the city where Joan of Arc was burned

Leading out of city park in Rouen

A dog getting a  €130 haircut in Rouen

The city is known for its cathedrals
On the banks of the Seine at Rouen

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