Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Luna "South" Holland?

To say there's been a gap in blog posting would be an understatement something on the scale of saying that the U.S. Congress is not very good at what they do lately.

The Hague, South Holland, is the new headquarters for this North Holland blog if that makes any sense. What the city lacks in canal-charm is made up through it's beaches and fishing port at Scheveningen. I still can't pronounce the name, but I like the place.

In the meantime, Peter Mayer and his brother Jim Mayer are returning to the Netherlands to play a concert this Thursday night 3 Oct. in Amsterdam. It's worth a short or long trip to see these brothers of the Coral Reefers Band jam their way seamlessly through an evening.

More info here

or here

With any luck and some precious free time, I will be coming out of "congressional blog shutdown" to post views from here and other miscellaneous items. Check back in soon to catch back up.

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